Spa-Room Sleep CBD Pocket Aroma Inhaler

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Inhale No THC.

PocketAroma is the most convenient and effective way to benefit from hemp oil on the go. Patented dispenser fits anywhere and is quickly accessible for a therapeutic boost. Sleep CBD PocketAroma is made of 100% pure CBD and essential oil blend.

Contains CBD that is derived from the industrial hemp plant which is harvested from our Colorado Depart of Public Health and Environment licensed farm. This floral and herbal essential oil blend will help you fall asleep more easily and allows for peaceful rest throughout the night. CBD oil (11mg) enhances these benefits and promotes well-being. This product is THC-free. Other features include being Non-GMO, sourced from organically grown hemp and CO2 extracted CBD.

This product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility, third-party tested for cannabinoid composition and GC/MS tested for its purity, meaning that the product is ensured to have no impurities or adulterants. Directions: 6 puffs per nostril. Will remain effective for at least 1,000 puffs or 90 days.

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