High Tea CBD Infusion Bottled Iced Tea - 12 ozs (Assorted)

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Ancient Sage/ Healing Heaven/ Queen of Earl/ Green Tea with Coconut


We start with a blend of the finest herbal teas - Hibiscus, White Sage, Ginger and Blood Orange. 

We start with the finest teas and then use the cold brew process which involves steeping tea in filtered cold water for an extended period of time.

This process brews the tea leaves slowly, using time rather than temperature to release the flavors. 

We then add Hemp phyto cannabinoid 15 ml per bottle.

 Hemp phyto cannabinoid is added for its effects which are found to be calming, rejuvenating, strengthening and helpful for a sound state of mind and nervous system. Hemp phyto cannabinoid- derived from the leaves of the hemp plant contains omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins and chlorophyll. It has been recognized for its properties of relaxation while creating a new strength of vitality.

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